AB Links Inc.

AB Links Inc. is an IT company based in Carol Stream, Illinois. A growth-focused organization, the company services various companies that are located in Chicago, as well as the firms located across the midwest. AB Links Inc. offers various services which include the following:

  • data and voices services
  • wireless services
  • fiber installation services
  • other types of services

As a company, AB Links Inc. is quite committed to IT service excellence. This alone guarantees that the companies they serve achieve unique solutions that are tailored to meet their greatest operational goals. The experts who are working at the company are fully certified in accordance with the latest regulatory standards that encompass IT installations as well as the maintenance marketplace.

Every specialist working in AB Links Inc. is constantly honing his expertise, adapting his skill set to the latest IT innovations. Through this, the company has the capability to provide their clients with the broadest services suites in the IT service marketplace to various local firms. With their help, the clients have the privilege in gaining access to a comprehensive service selection which include fiber cabling services, data and voice, wireless services, and by contacting the AB Links support team who provides quick solutions.

AB Links Inc.'s certification and memberships include the following:

  • NEC
  • Licensed Power Engineer Certified
  • Elite Master Technicians
  • FOCI
  • ICC Certified
  • Corning Fiber Certified
  • Telecommunications Project Management Certified
  • Nortel/Avaya Phone Systems

AB Links Inc. provides their clients with the latest innovations in the IT industry. Their solid commitment when it comes to marketplace innovation is also found in their cabling services. AB Links Inc. offers installation and maintenance of the latest Cat6 fiber cables for various firms based in Chicago and other places in the midwest.

Disclaimer: This is not the official site of AB Links Inc. This is only a fan page. Visit http://www.ablinksinc.com/ for their official page.